Frequently Asked Questions

Oyanow provides delivery services from your favourite stores, We also run errands on your behalf. To enable us deliver swiftly to you, you can only order items from one store at a time. We are also conscious of the total weight of your orders and will let you know if you have surpassed the weight limit!

The home page shows categories of services/stores you can order. These categories are either groupings of your favourite stores/services or groupings of errands we can run for you.
To place an order, click on any of the catgories that best describe your needs at the time, click on a store, proceed to add any items you need from the store inventory, provide us with a delivery address and checkout!

To send us on an errand, click on an errand grouping on the home page and provide the information required for us to get going.

Your name at the top right corner of the screen after you login to your account contains a number of options. You can check your order/errand history, order/errand details, schedule an order, reorder and track your order/errand location!

Yes you can! Simply go to your order history and tap on the calendar icon of any previous orders you wish to schedule. You can also schedule an order you are about to place when confirming the order.